I am used to the word PRACTICE. When my girls took piano and my son guitar, it was practice, have you practiced? Set a time and go.

Nothing wrong with that, in fact, practice means you are doing something related to what you are practicing towards, like a Beethoven piece or a guitar riff.

In Tang Soo Do, we use the word training. It implies a constant state of learning, whether it’s you working on memorizing a Tang Soo Do technique in Korean or a one step.

Training takes place at the dojang as well as home. In order to gain greater knowledge of techniques, protocol, language and physical endurance, you have got to invest the time training.

Training Tips:

Set a timer. Work on one thing, like blocks or one steps.

Make up index cards: one side English, one side Korean.

Write Low Block, turn it over and write Han Dan Mahkee.

Say it as you do it 10 times.

As you gain more knowledge, increase your time

and add another thing.

Have fun!

Training needs to take place outside of the dojang~ you can do it!

Tang Soo,

Kyo Sah Nim

~Kyo Sah Nim executing her Kyok Pa at 2023 Tournament~

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