Kyo Sah Nim

Mrs. Bonnie Zowada

Mrs. Zowada began her martial arts training in 2006, with all four of her children. Under the instruction of Master Cary Ford, instructor of Wolverine Martial Arts Institute, she achieved 3rd Degree Black Belt, as well as two of her daughters. Her goal was to instruct, and in 2013, Bear River Martial Arts was established.

Fall of 2017, she was warmly welcomed into the American Tang Soo Do Association and began instruction under Master Joyce Tredeau, of Spirit Warrior Karate Academy.

Mrs. Zowada was promoted to Cho Dan August 29th, 2019 and also received her Instructor Certification patch.

In May of 2023 she was promoted to the rank of Ee Dan, 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Her most meaningful Tang Soo Do Code is: Respect all life.